Capture Fisheries

What is capture fisheries?

The capture fisheries is very easy to defined as the places of natural water areas from where the fishes are only procured or captured but no rearing has been done in fishes.

Types of capture fisheries: –

Capture fisheries is divided into two kinds, namely Riverine fishery and Large lake or Reservoir fishery.

Riverine Fisheries :

cap fishIn those countries where large number of rivers are present and those rivers with their tributaries are forming a network in the country. So this running water of the river is the important source of different kinds of fishes which fulfill the major part of the demands of the people. In riverine fishery, the different kinds of fishes along with the eggs and spawns especially in rainy season are produced by fishermen and the transport it to the locale and abroad markets. So the riverine fishery has become the best capture fisheries in those river-full countries. Some important riverine fishes we can name here: Notopterus chitala, Notopterus notopterus, Wallago attu, Labeo rohita, Catla catla, Cirrhinus mrigala, Hilsa ilisha, etc.

Large lake or Reservoir fishery :

katlaWe know there are some large lakes in the world which are created by the nature. But in general, the reservoir are not created by a natural process, on the other hand they are artificially made by man during the dam or barrage construction on river. The large lakes and large reservoir are also the place of capture fisheries. Along the water current of the river, the different types of fishes are being carried to the natural lakes and reservoirs. In these places they grow and then transported to the market. In this case no supplementary food is required for the growth of the fishes. Here the fishes are getting their food from the lakes and reservoirs. For the capture fisheries these lakes and reservoirs are actually the huge tanks for stocking.