In the primitive ages, human being was like forest animals and collecting their own food materials from the wild environment. But during the early civilization period, the man learns the technique of cultivation of crop and produces own food materials. Thus they were not completely dependent on nature. They consume in one side the plant and plant products such as rice, wheat, green vegetables and fruit as food, on the other side they consume also the animal and animal products, such as the egg, the meat and the fish as food materials. Hence the cultivation of different kinds of crops as well as the fishery is now in the field of agriculture.

The branch of science that deals with the production, rearing and marketing of animal and animal products as food material as well as contouring of harmful and emails of food crops is known as a Greek cultural zoology. Fishery or Pisciculture and pests both the topics are under the age the cultural zoology. In present we’re discussing about the fishery.

What is fishery?



Protein is a daily need in the food Chart of man. Stop the protein getting from fishes. Not only the food materials, but we also get the vitaminised oil from the liver of certain important fishes like cod and shark. Scientific way of cultivation, procurement and marketing of edible (safe to eat) fishes are generally known as the fishery. But there are certain aquatic invertebrates such as prawn and crab in arthropods, snail in mollusca are also consumed by man as their foods. In this respect the area of fishery has now become expended. So on modern concept, the fishery or pisciculture may be defined as a branch of science that deals with the scientific cultivation, procurement and marketing of edible invertebrates and judicial exploitation of economically important aquatics animals.

Classification of fishery: -

The fishes are living either in saline water as in sea or in Sweet water as in River, ponds, Canales or deserters etc. The fishery is classified on the basis of their habitats. Such as:
i) Marine fishery.
ii) Inland fishery.
iii) Brackish water fishery.
iv) Estuarine fishery
v) Bheri fishery.
vi) Freshwater fishery.

Marine fishery: –

Sea is the huge source of fishes. There is no possibility of rearing of fishes in the sea. Here procurement of edible fishes and other economic important aquatics animals and their marketing are the main object of Marine fishery. Marine fishery is classified into two groups such as coastal fishery and deep sea fishery.

Inland fishery: –

The cultivation of fishes that takes place in water area inside of the country is known as Inland fishery. The water areas surrounding the Delta Inlands, river mouth, river, Canales, lakes result herds, ponds are all included under the Inland fishery. Inland fishery is classified into two major groups. Those are brackish water fishery and freshwater fishery.

Brackish water fishery: –

Fishery as a job

Fishery as a job

The cultivation of fishes in slightly salty water is known as brackish water fishery. In reality there is no scope of rearing of fishes in the brackish water fishery nor there need any of supplying the supplementary food for the growth of fishes, as they are getting sufficient nutrients from this area. Hence procurement and marketing of fishes hard the main aims of brackish water fishery. The brackish water fishery is again classified into two groups such as estuarine fishery and Bherifishary.

Estuarine fishery: –

The mouth of large river area where it meets the sea is known as estuary. Here the sweet water of river mixed with the high salty water of sea. Fishery in this slightly salty water is called estuarine fishery.

Bherifishery: -

The vast stretch of water body of 200 or more acres with a depth of 5 to 7 feet is known as bheri. There may have brackish water or sweet water in the bheri. They are connected with different water supply media. The bheries are acting as a large stocking pond where fishery is done.

Fresh water fishery: -

The rivers, lakes, ponds, ditches etc, are all under the fresh water fishery. The water of these places is salt free. The fresh water fishery is classified into two groups: Capture fishery and Culture fishery. The capture fishery is defined as the places of natural water areas from where fishes only captured but no rearing has been done in fishes. The Culture fishery may be defined as the place of confined freshwater areas from where the fishes are not only captured but also rearing and breeding of fishes have been done.
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