Medical Zoology

There have many animals that are beneficial to man and on the other hand many of them are quite harmful to man. The harmful animals affect the Humane Society in various ways. Some of them are used to damage the food crops and food, some of them are destroying the domestic animals and even the parasite in animals and as a result causing diseases to man. Medical zoology deals with the scientific study of such animals.

In the human body the parasitic animals get entry either move the drinking water and food or sometimes directly to the body and as a result the human beings the human beings suffer from some disease. Entamoeba histolytica, a microscopic protozoon when entered in to the body either through the contaminated food or drinking water and causes a disease to a human being known as Amoebiasis. Giardia intestinalis which causes the disease Giardiasis, gets entry to the human body mainly through the contaminated food; but the Hook worm caused by Ancylostoma duodenale belonging to the phylum gates entry to the human body directly to the ruptured skin of the foot and ultimately resides in these small intestine of human body. This worm causes anemia as they sucks blood from the intestine of human beings. The medical zoology keeps on study of such type of diseases. Not only to hook worm, people are also suffered from different kinds of tapeworms and roundworms.

It may be observed their some parasitic animals with the help of other email get entry and the human body. Various kinds of parasitic animals are being carried by insects and these insects are helping the parasites to make the entrance to the human body. As an example the disease named Kala-azar is caused by a protozoon parasite named as Leishmania donovani, and the parasite is transmitted to the human body by female Sandfly. Peoples of African countries suffer from a disease which is known as sleeping sickness. The causative parasite of these diseases is a protozoon known asTrypanosome gambiense. The conveyer of these parasite to the human body is the infected Testse fly of what is six by the bites. In these disease the impacted person wants to sleep constantly. The branches of biology which is called medical zoology keeps on constant study about such insects as well as the parasites.

The man is well familiar with such insects, of which the most common one is the housefly and the mosquito. They also carry the various types of parasites which are transferred to the human body in many different ways. The housefly carries the parasites of germs of cholera and typhoid. This type of diseases spreads out by the contamination of the food taken by human beings. On the other hand, the mosquito carries the germs inside their own body and transferred those germs to a Hillary person. So housefly and was quick to both our regarded by medical zoology as the Vector of the diseases.

The animals that carried the disease producing organism what transparence to man are known as vector. So it can be easily said that the mosquitoes as vector are transmitting many dangerous diseases to mankind. Medical zoology has proven that the mosquitoes not only carry the germs malaria and filariasis but also carry the virus of encephalitis and meningitis. These germs are transmitted to man by mosquito and due to these men suffer from encephalitis and meningitis. So to resist and get rid of these dangerous diseases from our society we must have some proper knowledge about these mosquitoes because they are acting as vector of the diseases.

So, what is the definition of medical zoology? It is the branch of science that deals with the disease producing parasitic animals in relation to human beings.