animal biology

The branch of biology which deals with the science of animal is called zoology or animal biology. The study of zoology includes the structure, embryology, evolution, classification, habits and distribution of all animals in our planet, both living and extinct and their influence in the ecosystems.
From the ancient age the study of animal science is going on but the scientific embodiment of zoology is relatively modern.

zooNumerous living organisms are on this earth surface. A larger numbered out of those organisms are the animals. An animal kingdom is collectively formed by those animals. More than 1 million species of animals have been identified so far. Their structure, nature and life processes have a fool of variation. Some of them are living in water, some are on the land and many of them are in the air and in this way they occupy more or less all the media of the earth. Some of them have friendly activity to the human being and some of them act like the enemies. To understand this wide nature of animals, the classification of animal kingdom becomes an essential part of our study of biology. The classification has been made on the basis of their similarity and relationships. Zoology works for this classification.

It is impossible for any individual men know in detail about all the animals of the animal kingdom. But the classification will help in many respects and the classification of animals has been done on the basis of characteristics of similarities and differences which have been deduced from their morphology, anatomy, cytology, physiology, biochemistry etc. Zoology is a subject which deals with all the said maters. So, zoology is the science of study of animals, including their classification their structured, physiology and history.

Now we shall go for discussion on different chapter on zoology and hope it will be very easy to understand for common people and also become a very handy companion to the students of zoology as well as biological science.