What is life? It is a vital question but yet to well define by the scientist. Fundamental concept of biology concerned with life. Still today we do not know the actual definition of life, but we can realize its existence in the living body. It may be assumed that the life is some power which remains in some substances and some external manifestations is expressed by. So it may be said that the life is easy to realize but heard to define. As the biology, the science of life gradually becoming a vast subject, the biologist tried to define life in different ways, such as: –

1) Life may be defined as the external manifestation of the action and interaction between the environment and its protoplasm.
2) Life may be defined as we’ll organised dynamic complexity of substances.
3) The living body have the characteristic features in the growth, reproduction, sensitivity, mutation and evolution of complex organic cellular substance, which is known as life.

Growing interest on Biology

Growing interest on Biology

Though it is quite difficult to write down the exact definition of life, but it can be recognized to expiration of certain activities and these activities are manifested in the process of metabolism, growth, movement, reproduction and irritability.

We know the subject biology deals with the living bodies and the biology is the science of life. But even before hundred fifty years ago the scope of biology was limited. Then it was generally limited within the jurisdiction of life processes, distribution and classification of plants and animals. Gradually this science has spread into different new horizons. So, the biological science is now diversified into different branches, such as:

i) Cytology
ii) Adaptation
iii) Evolution
iv) Heredity
v) Ecology
vi) Conservation, etc.

All branches of biology: the science of life is developing at very first rate. Due to this progress of the biological science, it contributes in the development of agriculture, medicine, horticulture, animal husbandry, pharmacognosy, etc. So it is the time to say that the human society is now depending on biology for food, cloth, health and lifestyle. Because the human of modern society does not depends on hunting, fishing and collecting known or unknown fruits from the wild forest like primitive man. By application of advance science of biology development of agriculture, animal husbandry and fishing has gain greet improvement. Due to growing population throughout the world the food problem is becoming a challenge to the mankind and modern biology has accepts the challenge of solving it.

Human Evolution

Human Evolution

The progress of many industries such as jute industry, tea industry, lac-culture, apiculture, etc is vastly depending on the science of biology. But those are not all. The knowledge of biology and its scope of application has been spared in control of Crop pests, in production of clothes, in Medicine, in conservation of forests and wild animals, in prevention of Pollution, in maintenance of public health, in control of population explosion, in control of flood and soil erosion, in search of bio-fuels, in improvement of human race, in space research and also in human recreation.

The Biology is becoming more and more important due to its new and newer achievements. It influences our daily lives and also the future. In this time, the science of biology is very important in the different branches of science such as biotechnology, bioinformatics, bio-medical engineering (bio-engineering), Genetic engineering, Forensic science and Environmental Management.

Common people as well as students of biology and life science are growing interest in subject of biology rapidly. In our site we are going to introduce some chapter on biology which will fulfill the need of students and also the interest of common people.